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Combining the advanced science of laser technology with the experience in tool and die repair

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Micro Laser Welding


Micro Tool Welding uses state-of-the-art laser welding systems.  Our high speed CNC laser welding equipment is the latest technology capable of high quality and close tolerance weld deposits.  This process is used for undetectable or virtually no sink and distortion. Using the newest, most advanced technology on a high speed CNC laser we can utilize the automated procedures for extreme, precise, high production welding solutions.  Our CNC laser welders have a vast traverse range X-axis = 1400mm (55 in.), Y-axis = 2000mm (78.75 in.), Z-axis = 570mm (22.4 in.) and weight capacity of 3000 lbs.  With the combination of micro tig and laser welding this allows for extremely accurate control and minimum sink and distortion of the entire micro welding process.


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