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Combining the advanced science of laser technology with the experience in tool and die repair

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About Micro Tool Welding



Welcome to Micro Tool Welding (MTW).  We are centrally located between Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland in Erie Pennsylvania, conveniently located 1 mile from the Erie International Airport and Interstate 90.  MTW is a 4,400 sq ft, state of the art facility equipped with the most advanced micro welding technology.  A sampling of our facility reveals a temperature controlled environment that includes:  Micro TIG and micro laser welding labs fully equipped to take on those challenging jobs.  Our experience and knowledge combined with the latest technology allows us to become leaders in the micro welding industry.  Using the most advanced laser welders allows us to achieve minimal to undetectable weld sink.  MTW employs the most experienced micro welding staff that has years of experience in the micro TIG welding application.  The combination of micro TIG and laser welding together allows us to achieve extraordinary results when used properly in certain applications.



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