Combining the advanced science of laser technology with the experience in tool & die repair.

Why choose Micro Tool Welding?

Superior Quality

Customer service is our key to success. We take great pride in our understanding of mold repair, micro welding procedures, and applications. With our years of experience & extensive knowledge on the welding processes we perform, we are able to help our customers troubleshoot their problems. We can understand what their problems are, identify potential solutions, and determine which one will be best suited to for our customers' needs. Take a look at our picture portfolio on our photos page.

Same Day Service

Here at Micro Tool Welding we understand that time is money. That's why we offer same day service to all customers who request it. Our facility is conveniently located near the service centers of the world's leading shipping companies. As a result, both international and domestic customers benefit from exceptional turn around times on all parts. Our shipping department process and handles packages in a quick & effecient manner. This makes receiving and returning packages to customers fast and easy. Head over to our shipments page to learn more.

Competitive Pricing

Competitve pricing is a must in today's global economy. We know our customers have high expectations for us. Which is why our goal is to give you superior quality at a cost effective rate, all in a timely manner. Our competitive prices allow us to offer strong, reliable solutions to meet our customers needs while still being cost effective. We'll do whatever we can to make it easy for you to do business with us, including sending you a quote via email or fax. To request a quote, head over to our contact page.