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Combining the advanced science of laser technology with the experience in tool and die repair

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Superior Quality
and customer service is our key to success.  We take great pride in our understanding of mold repair micro welding procedures and applications.  Take a look at our picture portfolio link above.

Same Day Service is provided to all customers who request it.  Our facility is conveniently located near the service centers of the worlds leading shipping companies.  As a result, both international and domestic customers benefit from exceptional turn around times on all parts.  To track shipments, click on one of the links below via UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.

Competitive Pricing is a must in today's global economy.  Our goal is to give you superior quality at a cost effective process.  We'll do whatever we can to make it easy for you to do business with us including sending you a quote via email or fax.  Click on the "Request a Quote" link below for prompt response.


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